Leadership Team

Erik Fogg

In school, Erik bailed from mechanical engineering to pursue his passion: political science. He hasn't looked back since.

Erik is the lead writer for ReConsider's articles and co-hosts the ReConsider podcast with Xander.

He's been blogging and writing essays on improving American democracy since he was young, but his greatest influence for launching Something to Consider was his realization that those that disagreed with him had much more to teach him than those that already agree. He believes everyone can adopt this mindset and become hungry to learn from each other in political dialogue.

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Nat Greene

Nat's political views have evolved significantly through his life, but a core frustration ran constant throughout: people shut down and get upset when you engage them and it is rare for people to be open to changing their minds.

Nat is the big ideas guy and a contributor to ReConsider's articles.

After almost giving up on having political dialogue forever, Nat decided to employ the mindset-changing skills he's used successfully in the business world to change how people think about what they want to accomplish in political dialogue. He believes we're capable of leaving the trenches we've dug and working together--but it'll take a lot of work and courage from everyone involved.

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Xander Snyder

Xander is a classical music composer turned financier turned investor turned energy efficiency entrepreneur. He was a community organizer, co-founding the Los Angeles chapter of the pro Fourth Amendment Group, Restore the Fourth. In his role as a privacy advocate, he has appeared on television and radio, moderated speaker panel discussions with members of the EFF and ACLU, and met with the Los Angeles mayor’s office to discuss privacy issues affecting disenfranchised communities. He also created the political action blog SinkingArk.com

Xander co-hosts the ReConsider podcast with Erik.

Changing your mind can be a beautiful thing, and Xander thinks the best way to learn about effective policy solutions is to be open to developing new perspectives. 


The Considerates

All those who have adopted The Considerates' Pledge and are having powerful political conversations are the backbone of the movement. Learn more about why we exist and our core values!

A host of volunteers among the Considerates is driving the movement forward with website and book feedback, forum moderation and sever management, promotion and marketing, and even board game design. Below are a few of the great people keeping the gears turning:


Brandon: Strategic Advisor

An experienced entrepreneur, Brandon guides the business-level decisions of the organization, gives feedback on plans, and helps refine strategy.


Dan: Technical Advisor

Dan is the team's in-house computer whiz. The smoothly-turning gears behind everything you see are thanks in large part to Dan's expertise and help.


Heather: Blog Editor

Neither post nor change to the website goes live (at least not for long) without Heather giving it a thorough once-over. Heather's keen eye and talent for writing make sure that what we publish is of high quality.


Mark: Board Game Designer

Mark is a puzzling wizard and a passionate designer of game systems. Currently, he's the muscle of our in-development first board game, Wedge! Get Elected at Any Cost.


Molly: Publication Editor

Molly leads editing of our formal publications.



We're a reader-accountable and fully reader-supported organization! Our sponsors are a big part of making sure the movement has legs, and their support on Patreon is key to its success.

The ReConsider Cabinet

Our top donors join us in the ReConsider Cabinet, an advisory board that helps us refine messaging, expand our reach, and accelerate the mission. You can join on Patreon if you're interested in getting more deeply involved!

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