Our Purpose: Build the Community That Together Tackles the Toughest Challenges in Politics

We're nurturing the steady growth of sensible, curious political conversations among the middle ground of politics--without being drowned out by the extremes. These conversations will help us to make better political decisions than ever before and propel the world forward.

Do you hunger for facts? Do you believe we're able to seek understanding? Will you be a leader of thoughtful dialogue? 

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What We Offer: Provocative Ideas, Practical Teaching, and Curious Community

Our resources are meant to help our community and the world to improve their political discussions to find shared values, achieve mutual understanding, and work together across ideological lines.


Co-hosts Xander and Erik help listeners engage with pressing and challenging political issues, either current or timeless, in a way that helps them better make their own decisions.

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Stimulating, challenging ideas to get you thinking thoroughly and prime you for your next great political conversation.

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In-depth explorations of the nature of partisan politics, and guides to having great political dialogue, in books and videos.

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