Big announcement from Xander

Hi y’all,

I recently decided to part ways with Geopolitical Futures, where I’ve worked for the last three years and mentioned on the Reconsider podcast regularly. What that means for you is that, from now on, I will be publishing my written geopolitics analysis either exclusively or primarily on the Reconsider platform.

Right now everything’s free, so enjoy. If you are feeling generous, we’d appreciate your contribution on Patreon ( We follow the Dan Carlin model: if you like the show, all we ask is a buck a show.

I’ll remain active on twitter @XanderSnyderX and, in coordination with Erik, @reconsiderpod. I don’t yet know what my writing cadence will be in the coming months, but whatever I do write will be on Reconsider. Geopolitics: Reconsider style. We’re gonna have some fun.

If you’ve enjoyed my work at GPF, I encouraged you to check out our podcast (available on this website as well as iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Himalaya, etc etc), and to subscribe to our mailing list so you can be updated when new articles by either me or Erik go live.