Call for Volunteers!


We've decided to up our game and take on some new volunteer positions! A lot of people have told us, "I want to get more involved!" and we just haven't done a great job of making new opportunities available. So we're going to fix that.

Everything should be about 2 hours per week, maximum. I'm hoping volunteers take a lot of initiative in kicking butt and working creatively with the leadership team. I'll provide a lot of support and hopefully we'll have a lot of fun together. If you're looking for an internship with your university, let me know and we'll work to make it happen.

If you're keen, email us:


Goal: create great new content for the site with a fresh, considerate perspective and great style.

What you'll do: post at least every other week, either with a considerate take (op-ed style) on a current event or with guidance on how to improve dialogue for each reader.

To apply: Send a writing sample!

Article Editor

Goal: make sure the articles have great style, grammar, etc. 

What you'll do: edit articles for style, grammar, typos when they get drafted (we'll let you know when) and give the writers feedback to improve..

To apply: Send a writing sample!

Forum Manager

Goal: get the forum back into high gear.

What you'll do: recruit new folks to the forum, seed some new topics, and keep the conversation going.

To apply: Sign up for the forum if you haven't already, check it out, and send a quick letter of your interest.

Social Media Manager

Goal: help us expand our reach to new, interested readers. Grow the movement!

What you'll do: Put interesting new content on our social media accounts, and start some great conversations there.

To apply: Send a note demonstrating previous social media growth, either with your own account or a different one.

Traditional Media Manager

Goal: help us get more op-eds and features in traditional media.

What you'll do: Target media contacts and get in touch with them to build a relationship and ask about featuring. Guide Erik on writing op-eds.

To apply: Demonstrate previous success in getting content into traditional media.


Goal: make it rain and help Erik go full-time.

What you'll do: Target foundations, crowdfunding, or both to bring in funds. Help create the copy that will sell the work.

To apply: Demonstrate previous experience in foundation or crowd fundraising.

Audio Engineer

Goal: Improve podcast sound quality.

What you'll do: Every other week, when Xander and Erik record a podcast, help edit the audio to make it sound awesome. Advise Xander and Erik on how to better record raw audio.

To apply: Demonstrate previous experience in sound engineering.

Video Engineer

Goal: Improve video quality.

What you'll do: Xander, Nat, and Erik will be getting back into recording more video, but the quality hasn't been great. We'll be getting a green screen and you'll help us make the videos rock with visuals and audio when we record them. Advise us on lighting, microphones, etc, to make the raw input great.

To apply: Demonstrate previous experience in video engineering.

Other Stuff

If you've got an idea of how to get involved but it's not on the list, send us a note! We're excited to hear from you.



Erik Fogg

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