Great Guest Posts by STC: On Independent Voters, and Taking Back Democracy

We've recently made a few great guest posts that are longer and even a little more preachy than our usual take here on STC. We wanted to share them with you: both are with great organizations and are definitely worth a read.

"Do Independent Voters Make American Politics More Polarized?"

Published with the Independent Voter Network, this article explores how moderate, independent-minded voters leaving the two-party system may inadvertently be contributing to extremism in each party and polarization within the political system as a whole.

"Taking Back Democracy: Your Opposition is Your Best Friend"

Published with our friends at Citizens' Cafe, this article focuses on why having empathy with those who disagree with us is the only path we have to being able to restore the effectiveness of democratic government in the US and elsewhere.


Erik Fogg

We do politics, but we don't do the thinking for you.