Infographic: Bridging the Chasm on Abortion

The conventional wisdom on abortion is that the United States is hopelessly split down the middle, locked in a seemingly never-ending battle of morality.

We know that the abortion debate is highly emotional. When we ask people about abortion in ways that relate to emotional soundbites, or relate to their identity, they answer in line with their self-labeling as pro-choice or pro-life.

But when we ask Americans questions about abortion that frame the question with more nuance, we see not only that perspectives are more nuanced, but that they're much more harmonious than they seem. The infographic blow shows how we can find agreement by looking for it.  What might happen in your next conversation about abortion if you started by looking for places where you agreed, rather than trying to determine whether the other person fits the traditional political labels?


Erik Fogg

We do politics, but we don't do the thinking for you.