Join us for 3 Days of Energetic Political Cross-training


In America, we appear to be more divided than at any other time in recent history ... and the need for us to come together has never been greater, not just for our own sake but for the good of the world.

The path toward common ground can seem daunting at times — listening to opposing views, searching for mutual understanding and collaborating across party lines toward real solutions. However, there are many inspiring, passionate Americans dedicated to reforming our democratic system based on these very principles.

A bunch of citizens (myself included) are teaming up with some heavy hitters in unison to innovate bold solutions that transcend partisan politics and create platforms where everyone's voice can be heard and we actually build some bloody solutions.

And you’re invited to take your place among them during The American Citizens Summit, August 1-4!

Join me and more than 45 respected political leaders, grassroots visionaries, business pioneers, change agents and advocates — including Gavin Newsom, Marianne Williamson, Jackie Salit, Eric Liu, Mark Gerzon, Stephen Dinan, Joan BladesJohn RobbinsNomiki KonstGrover Norquist (and so many more!) — who are committed to putting democratic principles before politics-as-usual to help actualize the full power of our democracy.

During this unprecedented 4-day eventwe’ll draw from the full political spectrum — tapping into the inherent wisdom of our political diversity — to forge solutions that meet all of our shared values. Our challenges are simply too large for us to be locked in bitter squabbling, which takes us out of a respectful relationship with each other.

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The American Citizens Summit will serve as a “virtual roundtable” where diverse thought leaders representing the full spectrum of political ideologies — each with valuable insights and contributions, and united in our desire to bring greater wisdom and compassion to our country through this process — will come together to model a respectful dialogue in an effort to shift our political paradigm toward transpartisanship and a next American Evolution.

Join me for 4 days of energetic political cross training on how to get results, respect differences and strengthen our democracy. You’ll discover:

  • Ways to navigate political conversations without polarization
  • Bold solutions that transcend partisan politics
  • How to help reclaim the full power of our democracy
  • Innovative & inspired actions you can take immediately
  • A larger community with resources & connections for you to tap into
  • Pathways to channel your energy, passion & interests
  • Ways to make your voice heard & your vote count
  • Your contribution in peacefully fulfilling our highest promise as a nation
  • Network with like-minded people who share your desire to move forward in UNITY
  • Effective solutions that are working for our communities & our country
  • Processes that allow us to see opposing sides & possibilities for common ground

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Erik Fogg

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