Join us for a Talk on Political Polarization: Cambridge, MA: Mar 30

We've got a great opportunity to be speaking with the Civic Series about political polarization on March 30th, at Workbar in Cambridge, MA!

We'll be covering some of the topics in Wedged, but with a focus specifically on the root causes of growing polarization at a structural level. Expect about 30 minutes of us talking followed by 90 minutes of questions. 

The blurb: 

"Americans increasingly report dissatisfaction with government in Washington, D.C., hold both parties in low esteem, and exit the party system to be Independents: today, Independents number 45% of the electorate, up from 30% only 8 years ago. DC appears to be gridlocked, and inter-party antipathy has reached new highs.
Many Americans are worried about the state of the nation's political atmosphere, and are wondering how we have reached this state and what we can do about it.
- How can we measure political polarization in the United States and how has it changed over time?
- Why have U.S. politics become more polarized? Is it because Americans’ positions on policy issues have become more extreme?
- What can be done?"

We're really excited to have the opportunity to talk to some of our readers personally. If you'll be in the Boston area on March 30th, definitely join us!  Go to the event page to register, and remember to leave a donation for the good folks that put it all together!

(For those who can't make it, we'll record the talk and post it online in April.)


Erik Fogg

We do politics, but we don't do the thinking for you.