STC Community Updates: Forum, ConDinners, and More


We have a lot of new people in the community that we want to welcome, plus some updates that everyone will be interested in.

The Forum

For those new to STC and loving the content, the Something to Consider Forum is the place to go talk about what you've read. When you have questions or ideas you want to discuss from our articles or anything else you see, the Forum is possibly the highest-quality political discussion on the Internet to have it. Go sign up and start a thread!


The reason that the quality is so darned high is that the Considerates all abide by The Considerates' Pledge, which we use as our governing set of rules for conversation. 

Something to ConDinner

We get together, have some food and drink, and talk politics in higher fidelity with the Something to ConDinner group, on Facebook here. Our biggest nodes are in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and London, but we're looking to expand!

Go to the page to sign up for updates and invitations to new events.

The Pledge

For anyone wanting to get involved, reading, understanding, and committing to the Considerates' Pledge is a must. 

Expect to get lots of feedback during conversations. We don't expect ourselves to be perfect: we expect ourselves to be always striving to be better. When your fellow Considerates give you feedback to help you think more curiously and do more to seek mutual understanding, they're trying to help--be grateful for it and listen well.

Update: Living Room Conversations and Next STCondinner

We're partnering up with Living Room Conversations for a pilot this December to discuss some of the questions brought up in our new book Wedged. 

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on timing in the next few days. If the pilot goes well we may end up working together a whole lot more in the future, which should give us access to a lot more great people to add to the community!

Update: Looking for Community Organizer Volunteers

For anyone interested, we're looking for community organizers. Here's what the role would entail:

  1. Organizing Something to ConDinner events about once per month. Ideally we'd have one organizer per city, but we are likely to have a high-level coordinator, too.
  2. If desired, strategy & execution for expanding the community. This could include social media stuff, but we're looking to branch out into new ways of bringing people on board, too.

Email if you're interested and want to get involved or learn more!


Erik Fogg

We do politics, but we don't do the thinking for you.