The Mission of the Blog: Get Us Talking, Considerately

First, thanks so much to everyone subscribed to the blog, leaving thoughtful comments, and participating brilliantly in the forum.

We wanted to take a moment to help everyone understand the mission of the blog. We hope you’ve been enjoying the content -- consider this a (very short) guide to getting the most out of it.

Whenever you’re reading a topical post, know we’re hoping to do the following:

  • Challenge your assumptions and conceptions on tough political issues

  • Get you to think more deeply about why you believe and feel what you do

  • Get you curious about learning more about the issue!

  • Stimulate conversation on the comment threads and forum that leads to greater learning and understanding with people that don’t necessarily agree with us

  • Give you great topics to discuss with your friends and help you start practicing considerate discourse!

Next time you read a topical post by Something to Consider, make sure you pause for a moment before closing it and moving on to your next social media post about bacon or cats.

Even thoughtful cats.

Even thoughtful cats.


Next time you see a post from us, pause and consider: how can I challenge my own beliefs about this? How will I talk about this issue with my friends differently the next time it comes up?

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Erik Fogg

We do politics, but we don't do the thinking for you.