US Partisanship in Response to Netanyahu’s Speech

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently came to speak to the United States Congress to give his country’s perspective on the ongoing US-Iranian nuclear negotiations.

American citizens’ and politicians’ responses have been split, often with passion. 68 congressional Democrats boycotted the speech entirely; 47 Republican congresspeople wrote an open letter to Iran to discourage them from a deal with the President.


President Obama’s remarks can be read here; not surprisingly, he disagrees fiercely with Prime Minister Netanyahu on how to handle Iran.

Perhaps not surprisingly, American Republican and Democratic voters are split decisively in their opinions on Netanyahu and Israeli foreign policy.

Something to consider: assuming both Obama and Netanyahu are smart leaders with well-thought-out policy ideas, can they both have some of the truth of the matter? How can smart people with similar goals (limiting Iran’s military threat and reducing the risk of their acquiring nuclear weapons) see the matter so differently?


Erik Fogg

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