Wedged Update: Launch Week and More


Our first book, Wedged, is almost ready to go. Expect it November 23. We hope you're excited, because we're thrilled that we're launching and really looking forward to everyone's feedback.

Over the next two weeks, we'll be sharing little snippets of the book, and we hope you'll get yourself a copy when we announce launch. 


Launch Team

Wedged is our best opportunity yet to spread the word about STC. When we launch, the more help we can get spreading the word, the better. So we're recruiting: 

If you want to join the launch team, email us at

Here's what it involves:

  1. You get an advance copy of the book, in PDF.
  2. Give it a read, at least through Part 1.
  3. On launch day, you do three things:
    1. Promote the heck out of it to your network
    2. Buy a copy of the book (this is important for Amazon to believe your review)
    3. Review on Amazon (honestly)

A great launch week, with lots of social media attention and sales, means media attention, and media attention means more exposure, and that means more Considerates. 

We'll help make it easy: once you're on the Launch Team list, we'll make sure to send you a PDF of the manuscript, and the day before launch day we'll send you some content that you can use on social media or in your email to friends. 

Getting a great launch team will almost certainly be what takes this launch from "good" to "great." We'd love to have you on the team. So again, email us at and we'll get you moving.


--Erik and Nat


Erik Fogg

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