Why Does It Matter Whether People Choose their Sexuality?

Sometimes the gay marraige debate spills out of discussing the role of government to discussing human nature. We hear advocates and opponents of gay marriage discussing why gay (and other LGBTQ people) people have any choice in their sexuality.

Some people believe that gay people were born gay, and thus don’t have the option to become straight. It’s as much a part of them as their anatomy.

Some believe that one can use various kinds of therapy to become straight, and thus that there is active cognition going on in our choice of  sexuality.

A popular Youtube video highlights how important the debate is to many people.

Something to consider: does it even matter? That is: does the debate about gay marriage hinge on whether or not people choose their sexuality?

Leave a thought if you think “yes” (and why), and if “no,” why you think some people think it does matter.


Erik Fogg

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