Wouldn't it be Great if We Spent More on Health?

United States’ healthcare spending has been increasing steadily since 1960.

In 2010 dollars.

In 2010 dollars.

We sometimes hear comments that it’s a bad thing to spend so much on healthcare. Reducing spending was one of the major focal points during the debates over the Affordable Healthcare Act and other alternatives proposed in Congress.

Here’s something to consider: should we instead be spending more on healthcare?

How much of this increase in spending has been due to having access to more services and products that improve quality of life, like better drugs, imaging technology, and advanced medical procedures?

Given what American consumers currently spend: should more be spent on consumer goods like beer and clothes, on cars and housing, or on our health?

What if we think about health spending holistically, and include yoga, emotional therapy, FitBits and sneakers, gym memberships, vitamins, and organic foods? Might we benefit from spending more on health?

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Erik Fogg

We do politics, but we don't do the thinking for you.