After the Conventions: Do The Parties Know How to Party?

The Party Conventions have come and gone. Each of the two major parties has made their case to America that their candidate is fit to lead. What's the takeaway for the country? What are the underlying strategies of each party and what groups are they trying to win? What do each of them, and the convention system in general, mean for the future of the US?

In this episode, Xander and Erik are joined by Roifield Brown, podcast savant that hosts (among mant other podcasts), MidAtlantic. We get to ask him how the Conventions look from the perspective of a Brit with a bit of an obsession with US politics. We dig into the history of conventions and why the US has such a bloody long campaign cycle, the mood of the country and what's causing it, how the parties play to that mood, and what the current electoral process tells us about the state of the country today.