Apple vs. FBI

The FBI wants Apple to write some code to unlock the phone of the San Bernardino shooter, and Apple has filed an appeal to make sure they're not compelled to do so. Is it a ravenous attack on privacy? Is it not a big deal? Xander and Erik have done a ton of research and take on both sides of the argument: should Apple be forced to write the code? What are the long-term implications?

We break down the technical details, the precedents and legal cases being brought to bear, and the potential long-term consequences and precedents. This week's episode is a great example of political disagreement in the Considerate style!

UPDATE: Edward Snowden weighs in on the FBI's claim that it needs Apple's help to get into Farook's phone, calling it "bullshit." 

UPDATE 2: Apple claims that if the FBI gets its way, it'll set the precedent that the FBI (or other government agency) could force Apple to remote-engage microphones or cameras  to spy on customers.


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