Shakespeare's Sir Thomas More (Immigration & Xenophobia in History Special)

There's a play called Sir Thomas More that is _not_ Shakespeare... but scholars have agreed that its most awe-inspiring monologue was indeed written by Shakespeare himself. In Sir Ian McKellen's words: "you'll know when you hear it."

Xander delivers a special episode today: he reads the famous monologue from the play, on refugees. He does it first in modern English so you can understand it well, and then follows up with the Original Pronunciation, which was the English used in Shakespeare's time. the OP dramatically improves the rhyme and rhythm of the reading.

In this monologue, More appeals to angry Englishmen about their treatment of immigrants. Normally I would summarize it, but I would do it no justice--this simply has to be heard.
Sir Ian McKellen also delivers this monologue in a 2013 performance and totally kills it. Check it out here:
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Video of the 2 dudes who worked on understanding Original Pronunciation:
Link to the pronunciation guide:

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