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Our first book, Wedged, uncovers the roots of political polarization in the United States, how each of us unwittingly participates in driving hyperpartisanship, and what we can do to fight back.

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"A wedge has been driven into American politics by powerful political, social, and economic incentives that are very difficult to overcome.  The middle ground has fallen out of the political process, leaving power in the hands of hard-line partisans that frame the national agenda and direct our political energy towards emotionally satisfying--but politically unproductive--tribal warfare.

In Wedgedauthors Erik Fogg and Nathaniel Greene take readers through a compelling, thorough, and accessible explanation of how Americans--from voters to politicians to media--participate in the process that is tearing the nation apart. Readers will understand the history and process behind growing partisan gridlock, and explore the wedge issues used to hijack us into being tools for the political machine."


The ReConsider Principles & Discussion Strategies

We're out to make political conversation great again. 

Political dialogue in the United States is in a rough patch. Rising political polarization and partisan extremism, combined with increasingly hardened filter bubbles, means conversations outside your own bubble risk turning into a yelling match.

It doesn’t have to be this way--and if our Republic is to thrive in a prosperous future, it can’t continue. We at ReConsider want to help you have better political conversations, making Thanksgiving dinner more enjoyable and helping the country move forward together, one chat at a time.

If we want to have better political conversations, there are two steps:

  1. Improve how we think about politics
  2. Improve how we talk about politics

The following free guides will help you do just that!

In the Lab

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  • The 10 Mindsets to Break Your Political Biases and Get Curious
  • Wedged, The Board Game: Get Elected at Any Cost

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