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Erik Fogg

Erik Fogg is the Chief at ReConsider, co-author of the ReConsider blog, co-host of the ReConsider podcast, and author of Wedged: How You Became a Tool of the Partisan Political Establishment and How to Start Thinking for Yourself Again. He has worked with MIT, Harvard, United Nations NGOs, and various private advocacy organizations in his efforts to understand and combat political polarization in the United States. 

He received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Political Science from MIT. He grew up in a very red part of Pennsylvania and moved to a very blue part of Massachusetts. In this transition he realized there is an incredible depth of misunderstanding and mutual-caricaturization between the edges of the political spectrum.

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Xander Snyder

Xander is the co-host of the ReConsider podcast and co-author of the ReConsider blog.

Xander is a geopolitical analyst for Geopolitical Futures. His responsibilities include monitoring and analyzing global developments and compiling his findings in written publications.  Previously he was an energy efficiency technology entrepreneur, and before spent several years as a financial analyst.

Xander believes that having constructive political discussions is possible when you're willing to challenge your pre-existing notions of how the world works.


Nat Greene

Nat is the Director of the Board, co-author of Wedged, and is a big ideas guy and a contributor to ReConsider's articles.

Nat's political views have evolved significantly through his life, but a core frustration ran constant throughout: people shut down and get upset when you engage them and it is rare for people to be open to changing their minds.

After almost giving up on having political dialogue forever, Nat decided to employ the mindset-changing skills he's used successfully in the business world to change how people think about what they want to accomplish in political dialogue. He believes we're capable of leaving the trenches we've dug and working together--but it'll take a lot of work and courage from everyone involved.

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