Reconsider Media sets out to breathe life, tolerance, rationality, reasonableness, and curiosity into political and cultural discourse.

We're building a community of curious, rational, data-driven people united not by agreeing on every issue in politics, but in a way of approaching the issues with a desire to learn, problem-solve, and drive progress together. We seek to provoke and nurture great conversations, and teach our community the skills to understand each other, find shared values, and learn together. Learn a bit more about the team here.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Deep down most people share similar desires for their lives and the world, preferring to work together rather than be divided
  • Great ideas, clearly expressed, can dramatically improve culture and government
  • Curiously seeking mutual understanding will enable us to find common ground and make real progress
  • Great potential to improve exists everywhere, and we have the power to realize it

Our Core Values

  • We do not tell others what they are supposed to think
  • We challenge our own biases and aim for transparency
  • We seek to challenge conventional and personal beliefs, and to believe only what unbiased data reveal to be true
  • We start by finding agreement with others on first principles and core values
  • We readily admit error and change our beliefs accordingly
  • We maintain respect for those that disagree with us

How We Achieve These


  • Publish simple, approachable media meant to challenge core assumptions
  • Create simple exercises and prompts to jump-start great political conversations


  • Challenge the conventional wisdom on critical political issues
  • Arm listeners with the tools to think thoroughly about the issues they face in the future


  • Increase understanding of the challenges in democratic politics and political dialogue
  • Dive more deeply into topics where we can increase understanding of each others' positions
  • Teach the skills and mindsets of effective, enjoyable political dialogue